Fighting Your Inner Villains

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Fighting Your Inner Villains

If we can channel our fighting against the things that hold us back the most, that is not only necessary, it is healthy. As we will discuss, fighting your inner villains is the key to getting what you want in life, learning to rule your inner world, and bringing good into the lives of the people around you.

I used to hold the belief that conflict, that fighting was bad. That it was immoral in some way. That it was only capable of harm. However, fighting, just like money, or influence, is simply a tool that can be used to help or to harm. Fighting by nature is destructive, however, its destructive capabilities can be used to do good if we channel them in the right direction.

Lets begin.

To live is to fight


Life itself exists within conflict. Fighting is inseparable from life. In fact, you are only alive right now because billions of tiny bacteria are fighting inside of you. If they suddenly stopped, so would you.

However fighting takes many more forms than merely physical. We fight to make enough to pay our bills. We fight against ideas that we disagree with. We fight to become the people we want to be. To stop fighting is to stop living. If you are living, you are fighting for something.

Since fighting is inseparable from life, lets fight the battles that matter most!

We are already fighting anyway, so why not fight the most important battles? The ones that hold us back the most? Maybe it’s that you use thinking as an excuse not to act, or you can’t get past your bitterness toward that one person who hurt you (you know who they are).

I struggled for a long time because I didn’t know myself. Suddenly I realized, that was an inner villain. Not knowing myself was the thing holding me back the most. That was the most important battle I could fight, and still fight. So I do.

As an extremely nerdy example, *pushes glasses up* in many video games as a general rule, if you are faced with heavy fighting, you know you are going the right way. Although I obviously don’t believe this to be true in relating with people, I believe that it is irrevocably true as it relates to fighting your inner villains.

Don’t be afraid to share!

Identify an inner villain:

What is one thing that holds you back significantly?

Comment below!

This is true even when you approach it from a purely practical perspective. By fighting your inner villains, all of those issues within yourself will no longer hold you back in your external aspirations.

You will be able to approach any remaining external problems with more energy and focus! You will be more effective in achieving your aspirations because you have more power you can put into them!

In any pursuit, two possibilities for failure exist. You cause it to fail, or something else causes it to fail. If you can begin fighting your inner villains now and conquer them, you’ve already eliminated half the possibility for failure!

On the verge of war with half of the world, Winston Churchill once said, “We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender” Although the terrain of our fight may not be on the beaches, or the landing grounds, and may not be against the invasion of a foreign army, I believe it is just as crucial a fight.

It is not a fight to be won with muskets or artillery, with battering rams and swords, with helicopters, or guns, or even weapons of mass destruction. Our fight is truly a final stand. Our fight is truly on the last frontier. Ours is the fight to rule our mind, and make it flourish.

Fighting your inner villains is never easy, but remember that just by living, you are fighting for something. Why not fight the most important battles? The rewards of fighting the right battles, the ones that hold you back the most, are immeasurable. The more free you become by fighting your inner villains, the more fulfilling life becomes.

I was only able to begin fighting my inner villains when I sought professional counseling. There is something remarkable that happens when you take counsel from a professional who has been through it before and listens well. If you find this article helpful, you may find a lot of progress by going in that direction.

Although fighting your inner villains is a battle which is yours and yours alone, even Winston Churchill had counselors.

I want to hear your thoughts and opinions on anything that stuck out to you in this article!

What is your first step in fighting your inner villains?

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7 thoughts on “Fighting Your Inner Villains

  1. “What is one thing that holds you back significantly?”

    I can think of three potential #1thing…in no certain order…
    1. Desire for comfort and ease….
    2. A pattern of escape from pressure that inevitably turns into lengthy stays in that un-real world (gaming)…
    3. Procrastination…”In a minute..” is a common self-speak that I hear, but it is often much longer than a minute….sometimes it can be days or weeks or months or years…sad.

    Thought-provoking question for sure!


    1. Hey Sparky, happy to see you here again! Always thankful for your thoughtful comments!
      I also have a strong desire for comfort and ease. I think that desires, or passions can be a great strength though!
      How would you say that specifically is holding you back?
      If you could, how would you channel that desire for comfort and ease to attack your patterns of escaping from pressure and procrastinating?

  2. Wow! Awesome article!!!!!
    “Life itself exists within conflict. Fighting is inseparable from life.”

  3. Dang, this front to back was such an enjoyable read! Definitely my favorite moment *pushes glasses up* but it’s so true! There is so much push back in life that the enemy brings when walking the right walk and going the right direction! There is such a fight, the fight of all fights. I definitely love what you said about it being the most important one(paraphrase). I mean, would the most important one not be the one that coincides with your sanity? Love this stuff, can’t wait for the next article!

    1. Yes! What a great way to say it, “would the most important one not be the one that coincides with your sanity?”
      I’m so happy you enjoyed the read! You will see the next article soon enough!!

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