This is your own virtual space in the form of a blog, that you can sit down with a warm cup of coffee and fuzzy blanket with.
Your very own virtual cubbyhole that you can feel comforted and inspired in.
The Comfy Cove is here for those who may feel anxious or stuck, who want forward progression, and actively move toward it. I want to help you grow in a healthy direction by sharing insights and principals that I have discovered through my personal experiences.
I am not a professional psychologist or counselor, nor do I pretend to know all the answers, so don’t expect any fancy jargon, or judgy looks. Just good vibes, and ideas on living a more fulfilling life through self growth. 




About Me:

My name is Levi. I am originally from a small town outside of Dallas, Texas where I lived for most of my life.
While there, I experienced a breakup that shattered my small worldview, so I began searching for something.
I didn’t know what.
I moved to Los Angeles, California almost two years ago where I have made discoveries in abundance, and where I currently continue my search.
I love this beautiful city.
During my time here I have developed a passion for mental health and self growth, and I want to provide a healthy space for others to grow together and share ideas and wisdom.

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