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Fighting Your Inner Villains

If we can channel our fighting against the things that hold us back the most, that is not only necessary, it is healthy. As we will discuss, fighting your inner villains is the key to getting what you want in life, learning to rule your inner world, and bringing good into the lives of the […]


Learning To Rule Your Inner World

We all go through a phase in our lives, where our world is based on experimenting with imagination. It could be vibrant, or adventurous, or even scary at times, but most people don’t know how vital imagination, or more specifically, learning to rule your inner world is today. This is especially true in everyday life, […]


Being Truthful With Yourself

Everyone knows in their head that lying to yourself is not a good idea. However, not only do we do it on a regular basis, we don’t know why it’s so terrible for you! I am going to discuss not only several of the consequences of not being truthful with yourself but also offer my […]


How To Let Go

      When I hear people tell me I just need to let go, it ironically makes me tighten up. There seem to be more questions in that statement than answers. Let go of what? Why should I? How can I? That is, until I came across a rather incredible idea that changed the way I […]


How To Deal With Anxiety

      The emotion that can make everything seem like it is racing by, making it hard to concentrate. You can’t help but feel a sense of impending doom approaching somewhere in the distance, and if its extreme enough, can make mere breathing a difficult task. You may even find yourself looking for the nearest […]


Bad Feelings Don’t Exist

      When I first heard the idea that “bad emotions” don’t exist I laughed. I felt emotions that made me feel bad, and I wasn’t going to change my opinion just because someone else told me different. I guess I am stubborn in that way.   However, this may be one of the most transformational […]

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